Understanding Pepsi Exposure

0 against the bananas - Skinny Diet Pepsi can with bananas in the background

A Skinny Diet Pepsi Perspective

Diet Pepsi Skinny makes a great photo subject. I used a couple of cans for practicing what I’m learning in Understanding Exposure. You’re encourage to try different combinations to achieve the same exposure.

Sharing those pictures on Twitter got me a small bit of attention:

DietPepsi Tweet to share photos on Facebook page

It never occurred to me to post any photos to a Pepsi page on Facebook or elsewhere. I’m a huge fan though.

Posting a handful of photos garnered more feedback via comments and ‘likes’ than expected. Apparently the Pepsi folks nailed what might be interesting.

Thanks Pepsi for inviting me to show off a bit. If you ever do want to officially license some photos, be sure to let me know.

If you’re a fan of Pepsi photography, be sure to check out Pepsi Cola Fan on Flickr.

Have you had any companies reach out to you? What did you do or share?

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