Don’t be a sharing fool

NSFW Sticker via @violetblue

Violet Blue runs a great blog, Part of that includes sharing cool things including photos, stories, and of course stickers. Very special, NSFW stickers!

Being so generous, if you contact her and ask for cool stickers, she sends them out personally. Even taking the time to seal the envelope with a Violet Blue sticker, one with her address on it.

You know I had to ask for some!

I immediately had to snap some pics of the stickers and envelope. Said pictures ended up on Flickr moments later. My faux pas? Forgetting to black out the address on the label.

Seen above, only her name and blog title show on the sticker. This change was made at Violet’s request but I should not have needed a reminder.

Best practice – don’t share if you weren’t specifically given permission. In this situation, it would open Violet to any random person being able to reach out to her. She doesn’t routinely give out her address, preferring to control access.

This falls in the category of  - don’t out people.

  • don’t give out their phone number
  • don’t share their address
  • don’t share their partner preference
  • don’t share their kids names

You get the idea. Making this a normal part of our behavior is all it takes to be considerate of others.

/rant off – Contact @violetblue and ask for some of those keen NSFW stickers. You and your friends will enjoy them.


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