Don’t Bore The Customers

Mexican Martini with Chocolate Chip Cookie from Bailey's Chocolate Bar

Don’t Bore the Customers

Old school says people visit your shop, blog, or store because they are after a product. That could be a blanket, a bit of wisdom, or these days, an e-book. Sure those are the goods they take home, but repeat customers don’t just come for the milk and eggs.

Give them an experience

Want me in the door again? Put a story in my hands to tell my friends. Great case study is Sauce Magazine’s annual Saucy Soirée.

Restaurants get one evening to wow the masses, folks like me that can’t visit every restaurant in town. They don’t bring burgers and french fries.

Mexican Martinis with Chocolate Chip Cookies? I’ll be talking about that for weeks. The picture above doesn’t do it justice.

Baileys’ Chocolate Bar presented these not to showcase a single menu item, they have dozens. This drink is a story about who they are – creative, original, and willing to have fun with food.

Make it easy to share

Baileys’ came prepared for conversation. Serving the drink, they gave up the ingredient list, including chocolate vodka and tequila. The owner answered questions, shook hands, and invited people to visit. He asked people to email him personally about coming to the grand opening.

Product board on one side, plaque on the other, and one more thing? Twitter account information with hashtag! Folks were invited to tweet about the tasting, and to the Baileys’ folks.

Promise them more

You’ve rolled out the Mexican Martini. Taste buds were tingled. The Twitter pics go wild. And they forget you a minute later.

Baileys’ gave out menus, business cards, and pointed people to the Twitter account and website. The owner promised the grand opening of their newest restaurant with a sneak peak of hand made salted caramel infused ice cream. Pow.

House Made Salted Caramel Infused Ice Cream With Candied Bacon from Range

But I’m not a restaurant

You are a storyteller though! Or you can be.

Nail down what your story is.

Are you a tee shirt shop or a place for people to find themselves in their clothes? Restaurant or place to indulge their cupcake fantasies? Are you blogging or are you opening our eyes about marriage, Mexico or martinis!

Give them something to remember the story.

Encourage them to share photos of what’s on the shelf. Got hats? Give them a way to embed those photos, take their own, or even samples or miniature versions! Samples or micro size versions make it easy to share an experience.  Is your blog ready to be shared and bookmarked or have something folks can walk away with? Gapingvoid allows for all this and yet still sells prints.

Draw people back

Great reads, fun tees, and tasty treats blow their minds. One visit though needs to feel like a first visit of many.

Preview the new design, recipe or venue.  Bloggers don’t be shy and give readers a heads up on future topics and projects.  A great way to do this is a video.  Another successful technique is participation.

Woot sells things, cool things, and they push customers to vote on products and deals.  Got ideas? People always have opinions. Get them.

The Broad Brush

It’s me, Todd, giving you my view, insight, and experiences on business, social networking and media, and tech fun. The Broad Brush isn’t about perfect copy, great SEO or finding the coolest videos to share. I want you to see the world through my eyes and life.

Each person’s walk through life gives them a different view. We miss some things, and yet seem more than others know. Hopefully you’ll come here and learn to share, discover, maybe pick up a new skill or two.

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