St. Louis Twitter Index on Fox News

Fox 2 News in St. Louis has a Web World segment. This clip is courtesy of Fox2News.

Jill shows off her Twitter rank on, and compares it to Kevin Steincross, long time anchor and local St. Louis personality.

Also shown are local top ranking tweeps (twitter users): @RizzoTees and @Tojosan <- that would be me.

My take upon watching this is that Kevin does not see a lot of value to Twitter. He even voices that top Twitter users must tweet everything, such as getting out of bed.

True enough is that part of the Twitter community’s routine is to welcome old friends and new each day. Caffeine is a trending topic in the morning across the world. ¬†Folks do mention the daily grind.

Most heavy Twitter users though are engaging in conversation as much or more than they are broadcasting their lives. Personally, I share articles, videos, and photos both in conversation and out.

Close friends on Twitter for me include authors, radio and TV hosts, musicians, chefs, and social media consultants. My connections aren’t just local to St. Louis.

Australia, South Africa, France, Japan, Canada, and Egypt are a handful of countries where I have daily connections.

Business gets done here as well. Restaurants local to St. Louis are active online, both chatting with existing customers and fans, as well as listening for conversation about the restaurant or perhaps even a food speciality, such as beers or pizzas. Twitter is a top place I find new restaurants to try.

So Kevin, and those not in the know, maybe Twitter isn’t your favorite thing or you don’t understand it, but it isn’t to be dismissed, nor online social networking in general. Social networking at the bar isn’t gone, but it’s grown to allow you to belly up with folks of all walks off life, all over the world.

Get with the program!

You can find Jill at @JillStl. She can be found sharing breaking news for St. Louis and beyond, as well as hot topics on the web.



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