Living Large Google+10 Tips

Circles Google+ Google Plus screenshot

Google Plus is new and wonky, but here’s a few notes to help you bring it big.

1. Sign up even if you don’t have gmail. Not required. A Google account works with any email account.

2. Start fresh. Follow people you trust and know. If you must bring your Facebook friends along, create a Circle just for them.

3. Learn to share. Choose the intended audience. Defaults to Public; any Circle can be selected, or none, and any email typed in.

Google+ Google Plus Share screenshot

4. Share pictures directly.  Open a post and drag a photo in. Poof. Just works.

5. Start a Hangout. Talk to people. Leave if you get bored.

6. Ask questions to the public. See what shakes out. You’ll find great people that way, and it allows you to quickly find like minds for circles.

7. What for notifications. They mean people have commented, shared, or given something a +1 on something you posted, shared, or participated in.

Google+ Notifications screenshot of notifier count

8. Re-share other peoples posts!

9. Send private messages.  Remove out Circles when sharing and use @Chris Brogan in the body of the post. Google+ automatically shares to him.

Google+ sharing to a person screenshot

10. Comment your tail off and don’t be shy about using the +1 button.

Bonus: On the website, each post can be Muted. Once you mute something, it disappears from your stream. Currently I’m using this to mute posts in languages I have no hope of reading.

Bonus humor: “My humble suggestion, via discussion with Michael Grosheim, is to add a Facebook-like “poke” feature to Google Plus. It will be called PROBE.Who wants to be probed?”

You can find me on Google+.

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