Quick Hit on Google + Plus

Assault on happiness

Google+ assaults Facebook and Twitter

Google introduced Google+ on June 28th with private invites and tons of hype. Does it live up?

There are three main components to Google+:

  1. Circles
  2. Hangout
  3. Sparks

Circles is relationship control

This isn’t Facebook controls or Twitter lists. Circles is drag and drop.

It isn’t just about categories either. Circles let’s you control sharing as well. Sharing allows selecting which Circles to include.

Bonus: it’s easy to select and drag multiple contacts into an existing or new folder. Show in this image is ad hoc creation of ‘Noisy Sharers’ Circle.

Google+ Drag Contacts to Circle

Hangout is video chat

Hangout will be a Skype and Facetime replacement. Hangout is Google’s answer to the video chat room.

Up to 10 (may be more now) users can jump in. Standard use of web cams and microphones is included. Chat room members can share YouTube vides inside the chat window.
Google+ Hangout

Video of a Hangout Session

Sparks is custom news

Google sparks screenshot Google sparks screenshot 2

Click on Sparks and topic images fill the screen. Each ‘interest’ is a selection of news. Clearly taking a page from Google News here.

A ‘Add Interest’ button saves a Spark to a user’s private list. Essentially bookmarking that Interest.

Bonus feature: any article can be shared back to Circles. Bonus bonus: article titles are direct links to the original article.

Is Google+ For You

Invitations aside, it is YASN, Yet Another Social Network. It’s already more fun for me than Facebook, but will it replace Twitter for me? For you?

There’s no games…yet. So folks into *ville games or quick hit social games won’t be happy I’d wager.

What’s your take?

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