Ask and deliver

Ultimate Cheese at Smashburger St. Louis location with Chili

The Ask.

Hundreds of emails fill your inbox.

Many are ads, coupons, and all contain an invitation.

They ask you to buy, submit, share, or visit.

Twitter made it personal.

Now companies can reach you in real time and directly.

Smashburger reached out to me via Twitter. They asked if I’d like to come back. (1)

I said yes, and they arranged to send coupons via email.

The Ask was done.

The hard part is next.


Visiting Smashburger was a pleasure.

Staff were ready to take our order, able to answer questions, and led us to decisions on our purchase.

The young man behind the register gladly substituted Swiss for American on the Ultimate Cheese, and got the toppings right. He was patient with my wife, and discussed her options through to an order.

Speed of service was still solid, and this is months after their opening. Food was promptly and courteously delivered to our table.

Follow up was solid with repeat visits to check on us, including following up on a milkshake being handmade and bringing ice water. This is important considering the drinks are self serve.

Ask/Deliver is critical for all businesses. If you’re going to do one, do the other.

What’s been your experience?

Do companies (brands) that ask things of you deliver when you take them up? Was that burger worth the trip out or did the coupon provide a way to write them off? How about that pitch on Twitter to come down for a drink? Did you regret it?

1. My wife and I were invited to a social media preview night, and received free food, t-shirts, and face time with the Smashburger head honcho.

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