Narrow Your Focus

Dessert Menu

Narrow Your Focus

Hear me now?

Apple didn’t get to the top by the shotgun approach. Neither will your business.

Pizza your speciality? Then don’t be a menu expert.

The photo shows the dessert menu from a local restaurant. They specialize in Italian style bar food. They’re dang good at it.

No money was wasted on a fancy dessert menu.

Those dollars are being spent on fresh ingredients, and making some kick-ass desserts to go with the pastas.

Will I visit again? Yes. And not because the menus rocked.

Will I buy Apple again? Yes. Not because they make an OS to satisfy everyone or solve every problem, but because they focus on what they do best.

What’s your ace in the hole? Are you focusing on it?

As a consumer, what’s your favorite small business? Do they focus on their strengths?

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