Rewarding Practice

From this humble beginning:

no handshake, hugs

To this less humble stage:

Twitter Avatar sketch for @RadishSpirit - Faithful version - Radish Spirit

There yet?

Not sure what or where there is, but I keep practicing.
Results are coming. Those are proof of improvement and some smatter of success.

A coworker asked me to donate artwork for a fund raiser.
FLickr folks looking for me to sketch their portrait.
Twitter buds as well.

All of those things aren’t where I’m headed. They are rewards that come with continued practice.

Some results, well, they’re humbling. Being asked to sketch is humbling as well.

What are you practicing?

Blogging? Speaking? Crafting?

Are you working on it consistently? Slacking? Complaining about it?  Chris Brogan reminded me about the value of practice and why we should respect the privilege of it. (1)

Tell me about it! Share with me! You shouldn’t brag unprompted but sharing rocks and I’m here to brag for you.

(1) Chris Brogan Practice.