Five Things Bloggers Can Learn From Elves

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Elves, the mythological crafters of toys and trinkets. building toys in a hidden away workshop isn’t too far from blogging in your kitchen. Okay, maybe you don’t toss your blog posts in a bag to be delivered, RSS and email works as well though.

Toy crafting and wrapping is skill, and every good elf learns a few lessons on her way to Chief Toy Painter.

  • Target
    • there isn’t just one truck or doll, there are hundreds. Each though is built with a specific child (or adult) in mind. Little Susie digs pink trucks, and Johnny needs that zombie dolls. Likewise blog posts need to have a target audience. ¬†Creating a post is powerful but needs an audience that will appreciate it. Writing about compost on your photo blog won’t likely go over well.
  • Looks
    • elves color and trick out the toys. Ever seen a grey plastic truck? A faceless doll? A makeup kit with just black and white? No. Blog posts need a good look and feel as well. Bloggers can use photos to dress things up. Good use of headings, bullet points, and color choices are important as well. Black on white text still rules but a bright picture and easy to read text are keepers.
  • Playability
    • the doll that doesn’t bend, the truck with wheels that don’t move, and the train with no track – we’d never see a elf send those to kids. Likewise, a blog post needs to be interactive. Let us play with them. Share buttons is a good start and I love being able to comment. Bonus interaction can include videos, recordings, and other downloads.
  • Timing
    • Toys arrive on time, if sadly only one day a year. Blog posts can go out night or day, holiday or not. Timeliness though isn’t easy. An article you write at midnight on Tuesday and posted then might get zero views. Sent out at 6:30 Wednesday it’s instantly more visible and possibly at the top of readers emails or RSS feed. Heck, this extends well to Twitter and Facebook.
  • Delivery
    • Finally, delivery, what elves out source to the guy in the red suit. We bloggers do the same thing. Posts go out via RSS feed, email, and automatic postings to Twitter, Facebook and more. The sleigh was fast, our methods are faster, and yet not as classy. You’ve taken the time to get all the rest right, and your RSS feed is plain text, part of the article, or just a picture. The email might be all there but an ad fills the bottom or worse the whole left side. Guess what gets ignored, sleigh or Flash ad?

Maybe you don’t believe in elves or flying sleighs but they are the gold standard. Creative, solid, and delivered with style.

What have you learned from elves, reindeer or spinning a dreidel? Send me your tips or photos of those pesky elves.

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