Holiday Cards 2011

Christmas and Holiday Card Collection photo

I love greeting cards, especially around the holidays, and double especially ones coming to me.

This year I’m in the mood to send some as well. Yes. I’m crazed.

You like receiving them, so let’s make a deal. You provide the who and where, and I’ll provide you a card.

But wait, there’s more!

I’d like to upgrade our regular greeting card experience. You don’t want just another card from the 99 cent section or from a box of a dozen all alike. We all like a personalized card.

Well this is your chance.

I’ll put a sketch in each card I send out. It will be yours and unique. No promises it will be worth more than a smile but heck, maybe you can trade it for an extra piece of pie over the holiday.

What’s the cost you ask? Three payments of $0.00 each. Credit, cash, and checks accepted.

Drop me a line between now and December 12th and your card will be in the mail before Christmas. If you have a holiday preference, be sure to let me know.

Contact me today – todd a-t or tojosan a-t

Remember: Name(nicks okay), Address, Holiday preference.

Get your order in today. Limited time offer. Good while supplies last. First 25 callers.

BONUS: For the brave, snap a photo of you, the card, and the sketch and send it my way. I’ll put a blog post together to round them up.

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