Santa Might Be Tradition But Amazon Delivers

Photo of three Santa dolls

Photo of three Santa dolls

Santa Takes the Amazon Sleigh

That should be the headlines these days.

As a child we’d sit for hours dreaming of what Santa might bring. Our parents provided us catalogues and let us drag them through the toy store for ideas. Then it was time; we visited Santa.

Fast forward – my son, wife, and I sit at the computer and populate wish lists online. Amazon has become not just the list keeper but the primary ‘toy’ store as well.

No more children on the floor with the Sears catalogue, marker in hand. No more romps to Toys “R” Us.

My granddaughters are getting into the act and email has replaced hand written lists for nieces and nephews too young for Amazon or Best Buy online shopping.

As geeks, we welcome and built this. Some of us insisted on wish lists  in the cloud.

Do you regret this shift? I do. Okay, maybe not 100% regret, but I miss dreamily window shopping at the stores, sitting on the floor with my siblings, and telling Santa our lists.

How can I recapture that? Can we build that feeling of wonder again?

What does your family do?

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