Encyclopedia Britannica Burns the Books

i know it hurts to burn (one)

burning book by jamelah on Flickr


And so it goes, the books are gone.

Encyclopedia Britannica gives up publishing paper encyclopedias.

The world doesn’t notice.

I’m not sure I’d have noted this but the media is buzzing about it.

Generations of encyclopedias have been printed. The volumes could fill many libraries. Based on my high school, they have.

The official announcement doesn’t mean the end of encyclopedia publishing!

Yes; we’re safe from a lack of critical knowledge. ┬áBritannica online is alive and well.

Will the EB.Com version survive? Wikipedia is strong competition.

Sure, it’s not always 100% accurate. Not sure if you’ve noticed, but a thirty volume set of books will contain mistakes is old before it hits the presses.

Wikipedia, along with a billion plus pages of information, is updated 24/7. It’s also in the front page of many internet searches.

Is this just a cycle though? Perhaps so.

Right now half the world’s population can access the online world. Not all may choose it, but it’s available. You can even get Internet access in space.

Pervasiveness = success? The ‘net is a passing place for our eyes and ears.

Online content has best been consumed through a browser. Today that’s no longer true.

Applications for our phones, tablets, and even our televisions give access to movies and more with out ever visiting a web site.

Will anyone visit any online encyclopedia five years from now? Will you?


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