Loco Doritos Taco Loco Marketing

Doritos Taco from Taco Bell - Close Up

Doritos + Taco = ???

Is it better to let a product market itself or spend millions marketing a product that has a limited life span?

Taco Bell  and ultimately PepsiCo seem to think millions of radio, TV, and internet ads will sell millions of Taco Bell items.

Loco might better describe how this really works.

Reactions to ad drew initial interest, admittedly my own. Crunching the taco though left me unsatisfied.

Twitter and Facebook discussion indicate similar sentiments on the wire. Not worth the trip.

What might have worked better?

Perhaps rolling out the taco across markets. Growing anticipation would have been fostered across the internet for free or cheap. Turned even further, imagine the use of Twitter to drop hints as to where it is available next.

Maybe even an easy to get special found on the web or with a link to a coupon that shows up on smart phones.

My opinion of course, but I’d have been more interested if the hype had been driven by real world people and not a spokesperson.

Disclosure: I’m a fan of Pepsi and their products. Novelty pushes don’t win me over often.