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Foursquare is no longer news. Millions worldwide are using it.

Some of those users are business owners.

You might be one of those owners. Are you getting the most bang for your Foursquare presence though?

Why am I writing this?

Stephen Smith, an expert on productivity and social media literacy, talks in depth on Make It Great about how to get started on Foursquare**.  He’s asked us to extend on that work.

Doing More

  • Load up the photos.
    • Take quality photos inside and out of the business. Get at least one quality store front photo.
    • Product pictures make the sale. For restaurants, photos of signature dishes really helps.
    • Show those smiles. Photos of staff and customers make the business more human and less formal. Do not use press release style photos.
    • Encourage customers to add photos during their check-in. A little card on the table or even a menu insert is a great reminder.
  • Leave comments on the Foursquare page.
    • Don’t let visitors be the only voice on Foursquare. Allow staff members to post comments as well.
    • Post stories there if your business doesn’t have a blog.
    • Respond to negative comments. (This same holds true for Yelp.)
  • Friend your visitors.
    • Friend them on Foursquare that is. Have the business friend them. Bonus if you friend them from your personal account.
    • Encourage staff members that have made a connection to mingle with the customers online as well as off.
  • Go beyond visitor specials. (Mostly time sensitive ideas.)
    • Organize a Mayor’s Party. This is both an opportunity to reward a great customer and free press. Bonus for notifying folks via Facebook and Twitter.
    • Create a coupon code as a special for repeat check-ins. Bonus for offering off-menu specials or partner specials.
    • Rename dishes or drinks or specials for the Mayor.
    • Cross-promote with other local businesses. Perhaps your money management group and a local legal office. Bonus if it’s a discount for the referral.

Do these or Stephen’s Foursquare tips bring in 100 new customers a month? They could. Creating a community is immediate and instantly involves even potential customers in the conversation.

As an example, let’s say I visit a local restaurant enough to become the mayor. Holding a mayor’s event is a sure way to get folks in the door. I’ll be inviting as many as you allow.  Even more so if the event is scheduled up on Facebook, Tweetvite, or available as a calendar download.

Imagine you run a food photo contest for a given month and it’s only open to those who checked in during that time. Ask the mayor or even a local celeb to judge.

It’s all about creating buzz and conversation. These are the end all and be all of Foursquare or social media business tips. I’d love to hear about yours in the comments below, via Twitter, or from your own blog or website. Drop a link below if you’d like.


Stephen’s article - Creative Ways for Small Business to Use Foursquare


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