Local Businesses Should Make Apps

iPad applications installed

Random app ideas for local business owners

Local wine selector – what wines are locally sourced, where to get them, and reviews

Local Zoo app – exhibit highlights, upcoming events, animal adoption

Comic book shop – specials, events, and links to or embedded reviews, links to buy digital comics

Lawyers – Expert app on critical legal documents, traffic law tips, or estate planner directory

Grocers – specials, sales, and manager messages. Store openings perhaps. Recipes.


These are just a few but  the ideas are endless.

Also, there is a shortage of speciality or niche apps where a local business could really shine without a focus exclusively on local.

Local hardware chain doesn’t have to be entirely about their sales, but could have an app specifically about home plumbing or electrical work.

A local hair styling might create an expert app on conditioners and shampoo selections.

The tailor shop we rarely visit might take the expert route on a niche area in clothing, perhaps sewing basics, clothes fitting, or focus something more specific to tailors.

If your local business is there because you’re an expert in a field, or even a budding expert, why not showcase that with an app?

The investment to make an app goes down every day. You can start with a simple blog or website to get your feet wet.

What are you waiting for? What app should you be creating?