Why am I not the mayor

Michael tells Nick the story

It’s Friday. You’ve just checked in for the fifth time this week at Joe’s Coffee.

The check-in message shows you’re a regular; apparently you’re still five days away from being mayor.

It turns out as well that the mayor is ‘in the house’. Oddly, it’s just you and the guy behind you in line and the barista.

Familiar scene? It’s happened to me.

What’s the #1 reason?

Barista Jim is checking in when where he works.

How would you remedy this or is it an issue?

Is the whole Foursquare, Yelp, etc just a game with no return value?

Not sure I have an answer that works without a bit of privacy sacrifice. It would involve employees registering. Also, the company could flag certain individuals as blocked from mayorships.

How would you feel about being required to report your check-in ID?