Dozens of tweetups later

All the ladies said mmmm

Last Bring a Tweetup To Lunch of 2009

Social networking?

It was 2009 and social networking with Twitter and more was still new to St. Louis.

There were no regular events. I had the crazy idea to roll my own.

Fast forward to summer’s end 2012. The last BATTL is done.


What the heck is BATTL?

The Bring A Tweep To Lunch was birthed to get St. Louis social networkers out from behind the screen. That included me.

So I started with some tweets, the perfect summer hours, and a few connections.

I never imagined I’d still be hosting this series in 2012.


Was it a success?

Hell yeah!

We could talk about the numbers of events, the amount people over the years, or even about the food. Those are all things we can capture, measure, and put down in writing easily.

It’s the relationships that made BATTL a real success.

There’s a lot of joy seeing people go from nodding across the table to being intimate friends. I’ve made friends I’ll never forget.

My life grew in many ways thanks to these humble gatherings.


So why call it quits?

There is no bad guy, bad moods, or bad press. Don’t go hunting for a person to blame.

BATTL has served its purpose. St. Louis is no longer in the backwaters of social.

St. Louis now has multiple social media groups. Many great marketing and PR firms are digging deep into social networking. Even our tv and radio personalities have embraced Twitter and Facebook.

Can I talk all the credit? Not hardly.

BATTL was just a part of spreading the word and changing peoples minds about social networking.


Am I done?

I’m just getting started.

Come along for the ride. Stow your bags, take your seat and have your ticket ready.