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Tucanos Brazilian Grill – A new taste in town

Tucanos represents a departure from your typical midwestern fair. It will get labeled as a buffet by some. I’d call it a family experience.
Your family won’t come here to graze on fried chicken and pizza.

Dozens of tweetups later

St. Louis Tweetup series Bring a Tweet to Lunch, BATTL, comes to an end after four years.

Why your Instagram Photos Suck

You came, you saw, you sent out ugly Instagram photos.

Why am I not the mayor

It’s Friday. You’ve just checked in for the fifth time this week at Joe’s Coffee.

The check-in message shows you’re a regular; apparently you’re still five days away from being mayor.

It turns out as well that the mayor is ‘in the house’. Oddly, it’s just you and the guy behind you in line and the barista.

Local Businesses Should Make Apps

Random app ideas for local business owners Local wine selector – what wines are locally sourced, where to get them, and reviews Local Zoo app – exhibit highlights, upcoming events, animal adoption Comic book shop – specials, events, and links to or embedded reviews, links to buy digital comics Lawyers – Expert app on critical…