#BATTL BATTL log lunch bag

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#BATTL is Bring A Tweep To Lunch

#BATTL Twitter account – @BATTL_STL.

Officially launched in 2009, BATTL lunches have spawned friendships, business relationships, an appetites for new foods. St. Louis metro restaurants have hosted from downtown St. Charles to lunch in Soulard.

Bring a tweep to lunch started with one goal in mind: get locals networking. It’s lunch as social object**.

Attendees are not required to use or even know what Twitter is. Heck, they can be internet free as long as they like to eat. Lunches are informal. There are no speakers, no agendas, and no planned topics.

#BATTL 2012

2012 is kicking off May 25th! Scroll down to submit your recommendations!

#BATTL 2011

All lunches were scheduled to start at 11:30 on Friday. Dates and locations are listed below.

Favorites from years past:


** What is a social object? I’ll share what Hugh McLeod aka @gapingvoid defines them as:

The Social Object, in a nutshell, is the reason two people are talking to each other, as opposed to talking to somebody else. Human beings are social animals. We like to socialize. But if you think about it, there needs to be a reason for it to happen in the first place. That reason, that “node” in the social network, is what we call the Social Object.