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Apple Promises

Apple doesn’t sell more iPads because iPads are everyone’s favorite.

They sell more iPads because they deliver on the promise of a great experience.

Locally, Robust Wine Bar isn’t my favorite because they have the best wine.

They promise an experience and consistently deliver.

What are you promising and delivering?

Rewarding Practice

From this humble beginning: To this less humble stage: There yet? Not sure what or where there is, but I keep practicing. Results are coming. Those are proof of improvement and some smatter of success. A coworker asked me to donate artwork for a fund raiser. FLickr folks looking for me to sketch their portrait….


Expectations There’s a sign in the exam room. Listed are the doctor of the day, the nurse practitioner on duty, and the RNs, and even the x-ray tech. Names on my sketch were changed to avoid privacy issues. The sign has a date. It indicates who, that day, is on duty. A patient, like me,…

Narrow Your Focus

Narrow Your Focus Hear me now? Apple didn’t get to the top by the shotgun approach. Neither will your business. Pizza your speciality? Then don’t be a menu expert. The photo shows the dessert menu from a local restaurant. They specialize in Italian style bar food. They’re dang good at it. No money was wasted…

Ask and deliver

The Ask. Hundreds of emails fill your inbox. Many are ads, coupons, and all contain an invitation. They ask you to buy, submit, share, or visit. Twitter made it personal. Now companies can reach you in real time and directly. Smashburger reached out to me via Twitter. They asked if I’d like to come back….