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Don’t Bore The Customers

Don’t Bore the Customers Old school says people visit your shop, blog, or store because they are after a product. That could be a blanket, a bit of wisdom, or these days, an e-book. Sure those are the goods they take home, but repeat customers don’t just come for the milk and eggs. Give them…

Internet Marketing for Newbies Book Review

Quick video review of Michael Daehn’s book, Internet Marketing for Newbies. This book targets those just getting started with online networking and marketing. It’s based on Michael’s expertise in marketing, a straight forward approach to the subject matter. I hope you enjoy the video. You can buy this book on Lulu, Internet Marketing for Newbies.

Borders Bankruptcy and Bashing

Borders opened a store a mile from my house and I was excited. Amazon still wasn’t my #1 choice for buying books, and Borders has a cafe. Books weren’t all! Borders brought back a music store to the mall and a more reputable source than megastores for cards, posters, and board games. Locals celebrated. Fast…

Datasift and Twitter Equals Big Data

Datasift and Twitter have entered into a deal for your tweets. Datasift bargained for the whole fire hose of data. If you tweet and it’s public, they’re recording it. Big data? That’s what @nik calls what they store at Datasift. So what can Datasift do with all this data? Just about anything. Mentioned in the…

Lynx Axe UK Virtual Reality Advertising

Where real people interact with virtual angels!