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Conference Preparation – Keeping Your Health

Travel, the conference, and the return trip wear on a body and mind. Being prepared can remove the sting. Conference preparation is more than charging the batteries, memorizing your presentation, and fueling the car. Getting your body ready is important. Knowing your body and habits is key. There’s no one end all and be all…

Geek Sex and SxSW

Interview with Violet Blue of and some of us less famous geeks. We’re talking about hooking up at SxSW, geek sex, and more. (This is PG-13.)

PR Technology Day – Nov. 5, 2010 – Speaking engagement

The St. Louis Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America is putting on a PR Technology Day. Several speakers will come to educate and share. I’m honored to have been asked to speak on Blogger Relations: Bloggers are becoming increasingly important influencers for consumers all over the world. Maintaining good blogger relations can be…

The best conference Schwag isn’t in a bag

Attending conferences is fun.  Bringing home gift schwag makes it even more fun. Witness above just a few items you might find in that bag they hand out. I admit to loving new tees, a branded bottle opener, and especially little creatures. Stuff though tends to get lost, tarnished or forgotten. Often in just days….

SxSW Sponsorship Ideas

Twitter is a great place to brainstorm.  I’m heading to SxSW Interactive for 2011. I hate doing things like that alone. In light of that, I’m brainstorming ways to get St. Louis folks going as well.  That lead to talk of sponsorships with Paul Swansen on Twitter. Follow the link below to listen to his…