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Words With Friends Swap

Swap feature on Words With Friends. Swap allows the player to swap out unwanted tiles.  This in effect passes the players turn as well. Buy something Scrabble.

31 Days of iPad Day 28

Tweetups rock. Bringing an iPad to a Tweetup really rocks. Especially if you let someone with a critical eye take a swing. Handing the iPad around the group landed it in just such hands. Meet BB. BB, son of @rockstarima and @aramhamper, has taken time to share his insights about the iPad here on The…

31 Days of iPad Day 26

CookieDoodle – made for kids, cool enough for adults. CookieDoodle guides us through designing, baking, and not least of all eating our creation. Okay, virtual nibbles, fun nonetheless. Choosing dough starts the fun. Classic cookie recipes are plentiful or choose a photograph. Selection made a blob of dough appears on screen with a rolling pin….

31 Days of iPad Day 9

Game playing on the iPad rocks. There I said it. Sure it’s not a game playing machine alone but why not play games on it anyway right? We Rule is one of the most popular games available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. April 1st saw the release of a whole new version for for…

31 Days of iPad Day 4

(this is for my friends asking about apps they play on the iPhone/Touch) If you love Words with Friends, you’ll love the iPad version even more. Not only is it larger, it’s bright and crisp as well. Screen swapping is gone. ¬†Overlayed on the board is a popup scrollable window of your current and past…