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Recovery is a choice.

You will get hurt, broken, or need surgery or other procedures. You must choose to recover.


The best moments are often the unscripted ones. Preparing to have those moments makes them more frequent and fun. Are you preparing for great moments?

Steve Jobs Passes and Passes the Torch

Steve Jobs is dead. He’s passed the mortal world and there is sadness. As many mourn, I find myself wondering what Steve’s next move would be. Thought not a personal contact, I believe I have some idea. Steve pursued his vision. Passion drove him. Yet he wasn’t cold. It seems he went for joy along…

Saving my sanity one sketch at a time

  It’s a sketch. That’s it really. Sketching. It started out as a fluke. A test of the iPad. Then I was drawn in. No pun intended. How it grew. Chalk. I drew with the Chalk app from 37signals. Simple. Easy. Fun. Capturing interpretations of Twitter friends was joyous, for me and them. But why….

Conference Preparation – Keeping Your Health

Travel, the conference, and the return trip wear on a body and mind. Being prepared can remove the sting. Conference preparation is more than charging the batteries, memorizing your presentation, and fueling the car. Getting your body ready is important. Knowing your body and habits is key. There’s no one end all and be all…