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Dozens of tweetups later

St. Louis Tweetup series Bring a Tweet to Lunch, BATTL, comes to an end after four years.

Why am I not the mayor

It’s Friday. You’ve just checked in for the fifth time this week at Joe’s Coffee.

The check-in message shows you’re a regular; apparently you’re still five days away from being mayor.

It turns out as well that the mayor is ‘in the house’. Oddly, it’s just you and the guy behind you in line and the barista.

Five Things Bloggers Can Learn From Elves

Elves Elves, the mythological crafters of toys and trinkets. building toys in a hidden away workshop isn’t too far from blogging in your kitchen. Okay, maybe you don’t toss your blog posts in a bag to be delivered, RSS and email works as well though. Toy crafting and wrapping is skill, and every good elf…

Saving my sanity one sketch at a time

  It’s a sketch. That’s it really. Sketching. It started out as a fluke. A test of the iPad. Then I was drawn in. No pun intended. How it grew. Chalk. I drew with the Chalk app from 37signals. Simple. Easy. Fun. Capturing interpretations of Twitter friends was joyous, for me and them. But why….

Google Plus Behind The Curtain with Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan gives a quick look around on Google+, the new social networking site by Google. In this video, Chris touches on Circles, sharing, and a bit more.