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Tucanos Brazilian Grill – A new taste in town

Tucanos represents a departure from your typical midwestern fair. It will get labeled as a buffet by some. I’d call it a family experience.
Your family won’t come here to graze on fried chicken and pizza.

Dozens of tweetups later

St. Louis Tweetup series Bring a Tweet to Lunch, BATTL, comes to an end after four years.

St. Louis will love Blackfinn

Blackfinn Restaurant Comes to St. Louis Disclosure: I was invited to a media event for lunch. Additionally I received two Blackfinn drinking glasses. Opinions expressed here are strictly my own. Blackfinn is a small cross country restaurant chain, with it’s newest location in St. Louis county. They’re bringing it in with lots of local appeal….

St. Louis Twitter Index on Fox News

Fox 2 News in St. Louis has a Web World segment. This clip is courtesy of Fox2News. Jill shows off her Twitter rank on, and compares it to Kevin Steincross, long time anchor and local St. Louis personality. Also shown are local top ranking tweeps (twitter users): @RizzoTees and @Tojosan <- that would be…

100K Tweets Onwards and Upwards

So which 100K sketch do you like best? If you’d have asked me 4 years ago if I’d send 100k (one hundred thousand) tweets, i’d have laughed. Here I am having just crossed that mark and on my way to the next thousand. Commemorating it seems silly to some. Fellow St. Louis area tweeps are…