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Social Media + Family, St. Louis

Social Media Club is coming to St. Louis, and they want to talk about family. ** Chis Heuer, the founder of the Social Media Club is helping families understand the challenges, issues, and opportunities through this 12-city tour focusing on Social Media + Family. It’s a subject that isn’t discussed very often at social media…

Battle Pizza

Joining a battle was never so tasty as biting into this pizza from Dewey’s in University City. Tweeting is only have the fun of twitter. ¬†Getting together in person, known as a tweetup, is where you have the most fun. Spotlighting tweetups during the summer is the Bring A Tweep To Lunch series, aka #BATTL….

Bring a Tweep to Lunch Logo Hunt

Bring a Tweep to Lunch networking lunch series is on a logo hunt. Above you’ll see awesome designs by @UCityJack. I’m quite taken with a couple of these. Initial reactions lean towards two of these. ¬†Friday’s Sybergs #BATTL crew got a chance to see the designs up close. Now’s your chance to weigh in. What…

Bring A Tweep To Lunch Twitter Networking Video

This video was recorded for me via Fiverr contractor Canada_In_StL. If you enjoyed this video, I recommend you contact her to have your own created.

Realty Barcamp St. Louis First

Image by Tojosan via Flickr Attending a conference is powerful. Energy oozes from every speaker. Flashing before your eyes ideas come and go up on a screen. Overwhelming. Making that experience better is what barcamps are all about. Attendees become participants; some even become discussion leaders. You are the star. Realty barcamps are no different….