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Local Businesses Should Make Apps

Random app ideas for local business owners Local wine selector – what wines are locally sourced, where to get them, and reviews Local Zoo app – exhibit highlights, upcoming events, animal adoption Comic book shop – specials, events, and links to or embedded reviews, links to buy digital comics Lawyers – Expert app on critical…

Only my mom searches on Google

Notice there’s not browser tab with Google or Bing open?

Searching on Google isn’t #1; people search on Facebook more.

More so, they don’t search at all; they ask.

Encyclopedia Britannica Burns the Books

I’m not sure I’d have noted this but the media is buzzing about it.

Generations of encyclopedias have been printed. The volumes could fill many libraries. Based on my high school, they have.

The official announcement doesn’t mean the end of encyclopedia publishing!

Yes; we’re safe from a lack of critical knowledge. Britannica online is alive and well.

Five Apps for your new iPad

You’ve unwrapped the iPad, synced your music, and checked your email. Now what? A hundred thousand apps Downloading apps is overwhelming. Thousands of choices paralyzes new users. I’m highlighting five of my favorite applications one for each category: Photography, Games, Productivity, Art, and Relaxation. These will get you started. Photography Photos are the most fun…