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Twylah Turns Tweets Into Landing Page

Robert Scoble interviews Eric Kim of Eric demonstrates Twylah, and how it aggregates a Twitter stream into buckets. Here’s a taste of how it turned my Tweets as Tojosan on the word ‘app’: The links within a tweet are previewed on the right of the page. Embedding works with photos, videos and more. Unable…

Tweetdeck Adding People To Twitter Lists

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required. Tweetdeck Adding People To Twitter Lists – Larger version

Empire Avenue Isn’t Evil Empire

Empire Avenue – Have you heard of it? Empire Avenue is like those Facebook games where you buy your friends, but image it as a full fledged game with a life all its own. Wondering if  Empire Avenue is an Evil Empire? I was at first. Up front opinion – it’s all fun and games….

Datasift and Twitter Equals Big Data

Datasift and Twitter have entered into a deal for your tweets. Datasift bargained for the whole fire hose of data. If you tweet and it’s public, they’re recording it. Big data? That’s what @nik calls what they store at Datasift. So what can Datasift do with all this data? Just about anything. Mentioned in the…

Flickr Adds Upload Once Share Anywhere

Flickr, my first big social network, ups the social sharing.  Here’s the scoop from their blog: Today we’re announcing an update to our share functionality to help you make Flickr the hub for your photos on the Internet. If you’re anything like us, you probably have multiple places out there on the Internet where you…