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Fear and Loathing

There are those days. You find yourself in bind. Work or client is critical, yet there is fear or even loathing of that work. These are really turning points. Embracing and giving into the fear is a choice. A better choice? Embrace the moment. Your choice, their choices, and influences you can’t see, these have…

Quick and Dirty Tips for SxSW Attendees

Heading to SxSW for the first time? You’ll want to check out these quick and dirty tips from some recent attendees. Most of these apply to any conference over a day in length or with multiple tracks. Do you have some quick and dirty conference tips? SxSW Tips: Carry water, protein bars and a sweater….

Building Offline Clout Not Klout

Klout – a lot’s been made of it. Klout purports to measure your online influence, social reach, and even your relevance. Metrics? Number of followers, retweets, and mentions. Seems fairly reasonable. Reducing all of those down to influence though is obscure, and the value of the things measured is of questionable return. Clout is where…

Ed Mayuga Tips from PRSA St. Louis Tech Day


Today I was Todd the volunteer

Today I was Todd the volunteer, originally uploaded by Tojosan. Karen Goodman, a good friend, invited several of us to help out at The National Council of Jewish Women Back to School Store. Shopping for themselves, boys and girls from low income homes took home jackets, shoes, pants, and even school supplies. Each child was…