Get more Foursquare Mileage

Foursquare is no longer news. Millions worldwide are using it.

Some of those users are business owners.

You might be one of those owners. Are you getting the most bang for your Foursquare presence though?

Only my mom searches on Google

Notice there’s not browser tab with Google or Bing open?

Searching on Google isn’t #1; people search on Facebook more.

More so, they don’t search at all; they ask.

St. Louis will love Blackfinn

Blackfinn Restaurant Comes to St. Louis Disclosure: I was invited to a media event for lunch. Additionally I received two Blackfinn drinking glasses. Opinions expressed here are strictly my own. Blackfinn is a small cross country restaurant chain, with it’s newest location in St. Louis county. They’re bringing it in with lots of local appeal….

review: In Context MultiMedia with Stephen Smith

In Context MultiMedia sounds like a catchy concept.

Buzzing in your brain right?

Loco Doritos Taco Loco Marketing

Doritos + Taco = ??? Is it better to let a product market itself or spend millions marketing a product that has a limited life span? Taco Bell  and ultimately PepsiCo seem to think millions of radio, TV, and internet ads will sell millions of Taco Bell items. Loco might better describe how this really…

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