Pinterest Revises Terms Says Do No Harm

Hot topic today is Pinterest revising their Terms of Service. Talk focuses on the Selling change.

No more selling.

Somehow everyone missed the ‘Do No Harm’ clause.

Lovers make better bloggers

Lovers can teach us many things. One thing most will share is about that one special moment.

Lovers can be intimate, share a meal, or give gifts. Likely those deeply in love might do these often.

It’s not the ongoing things that they remember years later.

The time they got flowers unexpectedly when they need them most.

Apple Promises

Apple doesn’t sell more iPads because iPads are everyone’s favorite.

They sell more iPads because they deliver on the promise of a great experience.

Locally, Robust Wine Bar isn’t my favorite because they have the best wine.

They promise an experience and consistently deliver.

What are you promising and delivering?

Encyclopedia Britannica Burns the Books

I’m not sure I’d have noted this but the media is buzzing about it.

Generations of encyclopedias have been printed. The volumes could fill many libraries. Based on my high school, they have.

The official announcement doesn’t mean the end of encyclopedia publishing!

Yes; we’re safe from a lack of critical knowledge. Britannica online is alive and well.

TinyMCE English and a broken WordPress Editor

WordPress Upgrade Break Your Blog? Upgraded to WordPress 3.3.1? Found you can’t edit in the visual editor? Can’t switch to HMTL? Good chance it isn’t your theme. How to tell Install or turn on a javascript debugger in your browser. Select to add a new post Look to the debugger console area. Javascript Errors If…

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