Tweetup a word and experience you’d like to know more about? SxSW seems like gibberish? You can’t tell an Like from a Tweet?

Social Media and Networking is an ever increasing part of both personal and professional business. In this growth, things can get hectic and confusing. The tools themselves can be overwhelming in scope and possibilities. I’m here to help.

What can I do?

  • Creating an online presence – you’ve heard of Twitter and Facebook. How can you get started? What should you do to avoid alienating instead of bringing on customers? I can get you signed up, online, and getting involved.
  • St. Louis Blogger connections – were you aware there are hundreds of active bloggers in the St. Louis metro? Do you know which are mommy bloggers? Which are deep in the music scene? Connections with local bloggers is an important tool in succeeding online.
  • Community growth – some companies have customers, you can have a thriving community. Did you know that you likely already have an online group of fans and detractors? How about getting them connected and engaged.

Coming on site, preparing a presentation or connecting you; contact me today and let’s see where we can take your business online.

Contact me:
Phone: (636) 486-4723
Twitter: @tojosan