Short Bio of an Online Dad

See, I do go outside

Married for 26 years, Todd is the father of two young men, and grandfather of three girls.

An old school geek, Todd raised his boys around technology from the start. His youngest has been online since kindergarten. Todd’ older boy just never got involved until being deployed with the Army,  where Facebook helped him stay connected with his own family.

Todd started off with BBS systems and was an early Internet user. From running his own BBS in New Orleans, Todd has become a social media and blogging enthusiast. This lead to bringing his whole family online, including on Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. He’s even encouraged his granddaughters to participate in online communities with Webkinz, online games, and more.

Blogging on tech, social networking and more, Todd has also blogged about kids, families and life online on Dadomatic, other parenting blogs, and his own Broad Brush.

Yet another headshot:
Todd Jordan and the leather ball cap